State-of-the-Art Home Restoration Services

Bringing You Back To Your Home After Damage or Disaster

We utilize the most advanced tools in the industry, such as moisture sensors and hygrometers, and hire only the most highly qualified technicians to restore your home or business. We will extract the water, dry the space, and have it ready for you faster than the competitors.
After a fire, leave it to the experts at Pure Restore to remove smoke, heat, and ash damage to make your property look like new. We will work to save as many of your important objects and memories as possible.
With our innovative dry fog technology, our team can eliminate mold in your home or business without demolition. We will also ensure that the source feeding the mold growth is eliminated.

Who We Are

As leaders in home restoration services after water damage, fire, or mold infestation, Pure Restore serves many communities across Washington and northern Idaho. We help families and business owners recover from these devastating setbacks by providing exceptional property damage restoration services seven days a week.

Save Money

Because of our innovative dry fog technology, our home restoration services can be 20-30% less expensive than traditional restoration services.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are a proud local home restoration team dedicated to putting our community first.

Fast Results

Our innovative home restoration technologies & services are patented, allowing us to complete the job 2x faster than the competition. Sometimes even faster!

1-Year Guarantee

We guarantee our damage restoration services for a year and will return to your property free-of-charge should mold return.

Home restoration 101

What is the home restoration process?

Pure Restore understands that a quick response is essential during property damage restoration. Our certified technicians will arrive at your property, assess the situation, and create a restoration plan. Our remediation services can restore walls, ceilings, carpets, floors, and everything in between. We will also coordinate with your insurance company to ensure the claims process moves quickly. We regularly deal with insurance adjusters during disaster situations. In short, we relieve much of the stress from your life after an unexpected disaster strikes.

A ladder inside a home in Spokane, Washington during a disaster & damage restoration project
A happy couple standing outside of their home in Spokane, Washington after a successful mold remediation project

Why choose Pure Restore for your home restoration needs?

For years, home restoration and remediation companies have been doing things the same way. But at Pure Restore, we take a modern approach that takes advantage of the latest technologies in the field. For that reason, Pure Restore is one of the most trusted names in the industry.  In many disaster restoration situations, we utilize the latest in dry fog technology. Dry fog allows our team to provide services with minimal demolition. Using dry fog technology speeds up the remediation and property damage restoration process, saving you time and money. 

Innovative Dry Fog System

Dry fog is a relatively new technology used to destroy mold spores throughout your property after a disaster, such as a flood or water pipe break. It’s quick, effective, and requires no demolition. 

Our dry fog technology separates Pure Restore from the competition. Instead of having to rip down walls or ceilings, we can remediate mold with tiny particles of dry fog that fill your entire room, even in areas where you can’t see. Dry fog destroys all mold spores on contact. The process makes the restoration process fast and easy and we choose to use this service because it is cheaper for the consumer. 

Dry fog treats the entire property. It is the only way to guarantee that the mold won’t return or take root after a disaster, such as water damage or fire loss. 

The micron particles in dry fog are so small that they continuously bounce around the room, creating a vapor for minutes before they finally dissipate. The vapor and fumes promote a destructive environment for mold and bacteria, but it is completely safe for humans and pets. And best of all, these micron particles don’t get anything in your home or business wet. Therefore, we don’t need to remove everything from the room before pumping in the dry fog. 

We always choose dry fog over other options, like wet fog or ozone, because the larger droplets in those other options burst and leave a residue on surfaces, and the larger droplets can’t get into every gap and crevice. Furthermore, wet fog and ozone are a hazard to people and pets.

Do you provide both residential and commercial damage restoration services?

We understand that residential properties and commercial businesses have different needs. For example, business owners’ priorities are usually to open for commerce as quickly as possible. When you aren’t open, it is costing you thousands of dollars. Alternatively, for residential dwellings, the aesthetics and making it feel like “home” again is essential. Along with family homes, we also provide disaster restoration services for apartment buildings, dormitories, hotels, schools, and churches. Though the remediation strategies and goals for commercial and residential properties often differ, our team has the experience to provide complete restoration no matter the size of your commercial property or home.

Does Pure Restore offer emergency restoration services?

Our team of home restoration experts can respond immediately to disasters of any size, and we are available to reach by phone day or night. In most situations, we can be at your property in just a few hours. Our technicians work seven days a week to assist with your property damage restoration needs.

Ready to Learn More?

Have you recently experienced water, smoke, or mold damage and need immediate remediation services? Pure Restore offers emergency services seven days a week. Call us to learn more about our innovative technologies used to restore your home or business quickly. Call our office today or use this website to contact local technicians in your area. 

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