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6 Reasons Why Dry Fog Is the Best Tool For Mold Removal

If you’re experiencing a mold problem on your property, you’ve probably tried everything to eliminate it. Unfortunately, once mold takes hold, it doesn’t respond to DIY techniques or at-home cleaners. When you choose Pure Restore, the top remediation company in Spokane, Washington, and serving the Inland Northwest, you’ll receive the most advanced mold remediation services with dry fog technology. Read on to learn why dry fog mold removal is the best choice and how our experienced technicians do it with zero demolition. 

Dry Fog Mold Removal 101

Home and business owners get anxious about mold for many reasons. First, it is almost impossible to eliminate on your own. Second, in the past, mold removal companies had to tear down walls and ceilings to reach the source. The entire process was stressful and disruptive. 

Because our mold remediation company in Spokane uses dry fog technology, the process is easy, fast, and affordable. The microscopic mold-eliminating particles reach every portion of your property to destroy mold at its source. Because the particles are so tiny, they bounce around the room for several minutes before dissipating. In the following section, we explain why dry fog is the best choice.

Why Dry Fog Mold Removal Is the Best Choice

Here are six reasons why you should choose Pure Restore as your mold removal company:

1. Zero demolition

As we mentioned, with dry fog mold removal, we can perform the entire process with zero demolition. We don’t need to tear down walls or ceilings because the tiny dry fog particles can reach every crevice in your home or business.  

2. Don’t have to move furniture or belongings

Because dry fog particles are so tiny, they don’t get anything on your property wet. That simplifies the mold remediation process because you won’t have to move your furniture and belongings out of every room. Dry fog technology won’t damage your important possessions. 

3. Safe for families and pets

Our mold remediation company in Spokane uses dry fog technology because it is safe for your family and pets. It has been tested extensively by the EPA, and all of its ingredients are non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe. Alternative mold removal options, like wet fog and ozone, can harm humans and animals.  

4. Save money

Because mold removal with dry fog is fast and easy, it is less expensive for the consumer. That means we can offer a lower price than other mold removal companies in the Spokane, Washington, region. 

5. Fast and easy

The dry fog process is fast and easy. All we need to do is pump the dry fog into every room and let it do the work. It quickly fills the room, leaving no portion untouched. There is no need to remove your furniture and belongings. Unlike traditional mold remediation where demolition is necessary and you can’t be in your home for a week or more, with dry fog, you can return to your property as soon as the service is complete. 

6. Keeps mold from returning

No other mold removal service can keep mold from returning like dry fog. In fact, it keeps mold from growing for up to 90 days after the service is complete. Furthermore, by utilizing our mold removal company after a water disaster or flood, it keeps mold from taking hold and becoming an infestation. 

After the dry fog, we pump in a second fog that creates an antimicrobial barrier across every surface. This barrier blocks bacteria, viruses, and fungi growth. It is safe and EPA-certified. 

Are you ready to have your mold issue dealt with quickly and efficiently? It’s time to contact our dry fog removal company in Spokane. Call our office today to schedule your appointment or reach out to our team of local technicians using this website. 

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