About Us

A picture of Kaleb, one of the founders of Pure Restore, and his family.


Kaleb is passionate about the science of mold and the technologies we deploy to remediate homes.

As a former pastor, one of his greatest strengths is helping people walk through one of their worst days with grace and patience. He always pushes for the greatest quality of service on the project while taking the time to show compassion to the people who are experiencing the issue. His sharp mind and caring heart help our company blend fantastic work with great relationships.

He is happily married to his beautiful wife Kimberly and a father to their 4 wild children; Katria, Evynn, Judy and Coenne. Kaleb and Kim love to travel, spend time with friends around a good meal, serving their church, and spending time with family.


Nathan has a diverse background, from construction to hospitality, but most of his vocational experience is in operations and sales.

He accidentally got into the mold remediation business in 2019. Originally from the Chicago area moving to Spokane in 1990 and attending University High School and Whitworth University.

His amazing and beautiful wife Holli has gifted him with four kids and keeps his world from spinning out of control. His oldest Trystan 20, is a Junior at WSU, Tytus 18, is a Senior at Lewis and Clark High School, Iris 10, is in 5th Grade, Violette 7 is in 2nd grade.

A picture of Nathan, one of the founders of Pure Restore, and his family.