Emergency Restoration in Cheney, WA

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Did you know that our dry fog technology makes our remediation services 2x faster than the competition?

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We live here and love Cheney. We stand ready to assist our neighbors when disaster strikes.

Dry Fog

With our dry fog techniques, you can save up to 30%.

Going Green

Our techniques are safe for the environment and EPA-registered!

Cheney residents, do you know what to do if you are caught up in an emergency? Fires, floods, and other disasters occur when you least expect it. That’s why Pure Restore specializes in emergency restoration in Cheney, WA. Our team is local, so we understand the disasters that strike most often, whether it’s a flood or wildfire. If you need help, just call our office. We respond quickly. Contact us today!

Explore Our Emergency Restoration Services

As a company top-rated for emergency restoration in Cheney, WA, we offer so much more than the competition. Here are our services:

Emergency Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Cheney gets its fair share of heavy rainfall, and when that combines with snowmelt, flooding happens. Or, it could be a broken pipe that fills your basement with water. Either way, you need emergency water damage restoration from a company you can trust. Pure Restore is local and can be at your property the same day.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are devastating, both to your property and emotionally. During these tough times, count on Pure Restore to provide compassionate emergency restoration in Cheney, WA. It’s not just the first and smoke damage that needs to be taken care of, but also the water damage left behind by the fire fighting efforts. 

Dry Fog Saves the Day

How are we up to two times faster than the competition? It’s our innovative dry fog technology. After cleanup, we spray the EPA-registered dry fog throughout your property to destroy any mold spores on contact. It also protects your home for up to a year to keep mold from returning. 

Dry fog can be used in any areas prone to dampness and humidity, such as basements and bathrooms. And, best of all, the process is fast. There is no demolition involved, so we can provide emergency restoration in Cheney, WA, twice as fast as our competition. 

It’s environmentally friendly, too. No need to worry about harming your family or pets. It’s a green option that doesn’t damage the environment!

We Restore All Properties

It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, apartment, dorm, school, church, or business. We restore them all! Our team can handle any issue and brings the right tools to every job site. 

Every property is unique, so we don’t bring a one-size-fits-all approach. Everything is designed for maximum effectiveness. Take a look at our reviews. We’ve restored historical buildings, industrial sites, and so much more after an emergency strikes. 

We’ll help your business open quickly or get your family back in your home faster than you thought possible. We are your friends and neighbors and do anything we can to assist with emergency restoration in Cheney, WA. 

Explaining the Emergency Restoration Process

You probably have questions regarding how we go about emergency restoration in Cheney, WA. Pure Restore uses an innovative dry fog approach that provides peace of mind. You’ve already experienced enough disruptions, so we take pride in being efficient. Our goal is to get you back to your life as quickly as possible. 

What Should I Do if I Experience an Emergency?

First, don’t panic about the situation. It’s a stressful time, but know that you have help. We are here to restore your property. Here are the steps to take after an emergency:

Safety Above All

We can restore a property, but we can’t restore a life. The safety of your family is above all else. Get away from the damage and go to a safe place. And never reenter your property until you are told it is secure by emergency officials.

Take Pictures or Videos

Once deemed safe by emergency personnel, you need to document the damage for the insurance process. Take as many pictures and videos as you can. The more documentation you have, the quicker the process goes. We’ll aid in this step during the restoration process. 

Contact Pure Restore

Once you contact us, the restoration process begins. We perform a walk-through to get an idea of the extent of the damage. Then, we start cleaning up. After everything is pristine again, we use dry fog to prevent mold and mildew.

Call a Professional Restoration Service

Contact a professional emergency restoration service like Pure Restore. Quick action is crucial to prevent additional damage, such as mold growth or structural weakening. A professional team can also help in effectively communicating with insurance companies and navigating the claims process.

Keep Your Property Secure

You need to keep your property secure until the restoration process is over. That could mean boarding windows or placing tarps. Again, we’ll assist you with this step.

Nobody thinks an emergency will happen to them. However, you must be prepared. Knowing these steps helps you be proactive in case the worst happens. 

If you need emergency restoration in Cheney, WA, reach out to us today! We are here to help during times of need. Contact us now. 

Ready to Respond in CHENEY

Pure Restore specializes in emergency water, flood, and fire damage restoration, offering prompt and professional restoration in Cheney, WA. If you’ve experienced a recent disaster, don’t hesitate to contact our office or reach out through our website for immediate assistance.