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Nobody wants to think about a disaster damaging their property, but you need to know who to turn to in case of such an unfortunate event. Knowing you have a reliable restoration service on speed dial offers much-needed peace of mind in the face of unexpected emergencies. Pure Restore is here for you, and we are a team that takes pride in putting the community of Liberty Lake first. When life’s little (or big) disasters happen, we’re just a call away to help get everything back to how it should be. For emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA, contact our office today.

Comprehensive Emergency Restoration in Liberty Lake, WA

Did you know that Pure Restore is a veteran-owned business? We take that same sense of duty and pride into every emergency restoration service. At Pure Restore, our emergency restoration services address all types of disasters. Here’s where we stand out: 

Water Damage Restoration

When water damages your property, Pure Restore specializes in bringing you back to your home. Prompt action is essential. We come to the rescue with the latest drying technology. You don’t have to worry because we will have your property dried, cleaned, and restored before you know it. We understand the stress of water damage, and as your neighbors, we make the process stress-free.

Flood Damage Restoration

While Liberty Lake is a place full of natural beauty, we can’t deny the flooding risks. That’s why Pure Restore is well-versed in navigating these rising waters. Our flood damage restoration services include everything from water extraction to mud and debris cleanup. Because there’s nothing more important than your safety, we check the structural integrity of your property so you can rest easy knowing your family is safe.

Fire Damage Restoration

If the fire damage wasn’t bad enough, next comes dealing with smoke, ash, and water used in firefighting efforts. Pure Restore is the leader in emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA, and an expert in fire damage mitigation. We handle soot and smoke odor removal, water damage remediation, and structural repairs to bring you back to your home. 

At Pure Restore, we are on call 7 days a week. We are proud to be your neighbors and are locally owned and operated. Trust us to do the job right.

Mold Remediation with Dry Fog Technology

Did you know we use the latest in dry fog technology? 

This technology is a game-changer. In less than a day, it eliminates mold and prevents its return. There’s no need for invasive demolition!

Here’s how it works. First, we disperse a fine mist that penetrates areas that traditional methods can’t reach. The entire process works on a molecular level to destroy mold spores on contact. 

While eliminating the mold is an excellent first step, dry fog also leaves behind an antimicrobial layer that prevents mold from returning. It’s totally safe to use around your family or employees. When you choose Pure Restore for emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA, know that we treat your safety just like we would treat the safety of our own families. 

Here When You Need Us Most

Whether it’s a surprise leak, damage from a storm, or the aftermath of a fire, you can’t predict when you’ll face an emergency. Our locally owned and operated company understands the unexpected challenges of emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA. We have the experience to handle any job and back it with a 1-year guarantee. 

While there’s no doubt that Liberty Lake is a place of stunning natural beauty, it’s also a place of climate-related challenges. From heavy snowfall that can lead to water intrusion to the dry summer conditions that heighten fire risks, you need to be prepared in case the worst happens. 

No matter the emergency, Pure Restore takes pride in getting your life back to normal.

Immediate Steps Post-Emergency

After an emergency, the next steps are crucial. Follow these instructions:

Prioritize Your Safety

The physical safety of everyone is the most important thing. Ask yourself if you need to evacuate. Watch for potential hazards like live electrical wires, damaged floors, or natural gas leaks. If you have even the slightest doubt about your safety, evacuate immediately and wait for emergency services.

Contact Emergency Services

Contact local Liberty Lake emergency services immediately. Trust them to secure your property. There is no need to risk your own life.

Document the Damage

Wait for EMS to tell you it’s safe. Then, take pictures to document all of the damage. Consider taking videos as well. You’ll need to document the damage for the insurance claim process. Capture as much detail as possible, but do not compromise your safety to get the documentation.

Turn Off Utilities

Once it’s safe to access your property, turn off the main power and water. Or, ask emergency services to help you with this task. 

Contact Pure Restore

Contact Pure Restore for emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA. Because we are veteran-owned and operated, so we don’t buckle under the stress of emergencies. The sooner you get in touch, the quicker we can begin the restoration process.

Secure Your Property

Take steps to secure your property from further damage. Consider covering broken windows or placing tarps over damaged roofs. Once again, only take these steps if it is safe. Your life is worth more than your property. 

Remember, the safety of you and your loved ones takes priority above all. Once everyone is secure, it’s time to contact Pure Restore. We specialize in bringing you back to your home with our extensive emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA.

Serving All Properties

No matter the type of property—we can handle the job! From residential homes to commercial buildings, we offer an approach that is unique to your property. Whether it’s a lakeside cottage, an apartment complex, or a suburban home, we provide the highest care standards. 

We also work closely with property owners and managers by prioritizing transparent communication. Whether you’re dealing with water damage in a historic downtown building or fire damage in a modern office park, Pure Restore is the leader in emergency restoration in Liberty Lake, WA.

Ready to Help

As your neighbors, Pure Restore is dedicated to helping the Liberty Lake community recover from disasters. If you’ve recently experienced an emergency, don’t delay. Contact our office now.