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Spokane’s residents and businesses face their share of emergency situations. Pure Restore is Spokane’s premier service for fast emergency restoration, equipped to handle any disaster with innovative solutions and a local touch. For immediate assistance, contact our team today.

Comprehensive Emergency Services in Spokane

In Spokane, where emergencies can strike unexpectedly, having access to a comprehensive range of emergency services is crucial for rapid recovery and minimizing damage. Pure Restore stands ready with specialized solutions for each type of disaster.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

When water damage strikes due to incidents like burst pipes, the key is swift action. Pure Restore responds immediately for emergency restoration in Spokane, WA, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to restore your property quickly, mitigating the potential for further damage and mold growth.

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration

Floods can happen without warning, leaving devastation in their wake. Pure Restore specializes in flood damage restoration, from initial water extraction to the detailed cleanup of mud and debris. Our experienced team ensures a comprehensive recovery process, restoring your property to its pre-flood condition with compassion and understanding.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire presents a complex challenge, involving not just the direct damage from flames but also secondary damage from smoke and water. Our Spokane-based emergency fire damage restoration services encompass the full spectrum of recovery efforts. We meticulously address smoke, ash, and water damage.

Mold Remediation with Dry Fog Technology

Following water-related emergencies, we recommend our dry fog mold remediation to eliminate any resulting mold growth and prevent its return. This EPA-registered method is safe for your family and effective in reaching every area of your property without the need for demolition.

The innovation of dry fog technology represents a significant leap forward in environmental safety and efficiency. This method disperses a fine mist that penetrates deep into surfaces and airspaces where mold spores reside, destroying them on contact. 

Unlike traditional mold remediation methods that can be intrusive and require significant time for demolition and reconstruction, our dry fog technique minimizes disruption to your daily life. This approach is especially beneficial in the rapid turnaround time following water emergencies, allowing for a seamless transition from water extraction to mold prevention.

Serving All Property Types

From residential homes to commercial spaces, Pure Restore has the expertise to restore all types of properties. Our experience spans condos, apartment buildings, schools, restaurants, and more, ensuring tailored solutions for every scenario.

This versatility in handling a wide range of property types is a testament to our comprehensive approach to emergency restoration in Spokane, WA. Whether it’s a quaint historical home requiring delicate care to preserve its character or a large industrial warehouse facing extensive water damage, Pure Restore has the tools and techniques to address the unique challenges each property presents. 

Our team’s adaptability and skills ensure that no matter the scale or complexity of the emergency, we provide the highest standard of restoration services. By working closely with property owners and managers, we devise and implement effective restoration plans that minimize downtime and disruption.

The Emergency Restoration Process

Our 24/7 availability means we’re ready to respond whenever disaster strikes. After evaluating the damage, we craft a personalized plan suited to the specific restoration needs of your property. Our team’s expertise extends to restoring walls, floors, ceilings, and personal belongings to pre-disaster conditions.

Navigation Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance can be daunting, but Pure Restore assists every step of the way. We provide essential documentation to insurers to streamline the claims process, ensuring you receive the support you need without additional stress.

Steps to Take After an Emergency

Experiencing a property emergency, whether due to natural disasters, water leaks, or fire, can be overwhelming. However, the actions taken immediately afterward are crucial in mitigating further damage and setting the stage for effective emergency restoration in Spokane, WA. Here are essential steps every property owner should consider in the wake of an emergency:

Ensure Safety First

The well-being of occupants is paramount. Ensure everyone is safely evacuated from the affected area and account for all individuals. Do not re-enter the property until professionals have deemed it safe.

Contact Emergency Services

For emergencies involving fire, significant water leaks, or structural damage, contact local emergency services immediately to secure the site and prevent further hazards.

Document the Damage

Once it’s safe to do so, document the extent of the damage by taking photos or videos. This documentation will be valuable for insurance claims and for the restoration team to assess the situation.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance provider about the incident as soon as possible. They will guide you through the process of filing a claim and inform you about what documentation is needed.

Call a Professional Restoration Service

Contact a professional emergency restoration service like Pure Restore. Quick action is crucial to prevent additional damage, such as mold growth or structural weakening. A professional team can also help in effectively communicating with insurance companies and navigating the claims process.

Secure the Property

If possible, take measures to secure your property from further damage. This might include covering broken windows, placing tarps over damaged roofs, or turning off the water supply to prevent flooding. However, ensure that you only undertake activities that are safe and do not put you at risk.

By following these steps, property owners can navigate the aftermath of an emergency, ensuring the safety of all involved and laying the groundwork for a successful restoration process. Remember, the key is quick and informed action.

Ready to Respond in Spokane

Pure Restore specializes in emergency water, flood, and fire damage restoration, offering prompt and professional restoration in Spokane, WA. If you’ve experienced a recent disaster, don’t hesitate to contact our office or reach out through our website for immediate assistance.