Emergency Restoration

Our innovative dry fog technology is 20-30% less expensive than traditional restoration services.
We are a proud local team dedicated to putting our community first.
Our innovative technologies & services are patented, allowing us to complete the job 2x faster than the competition.
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Emergencies or natural disasters often happen with little or no warning, and the results can be devastating. At Pure Restore, our caring local team provides exceptional emergency restoration services and can be at your property on the same day. Contact our Inland Northwest office serving Eastern Washington and North Idaho as soon as you experience a disaster or emergency. 

Why might I need emergency restoration services?

There are many reasons you might need emergency restoration services. A common reason is a broken pipe or water tank that flooded your home or business. Other causes include natural disasters, such as floods, high wind events that damaged your home and allowed water inside, and wildfires. Furthermore, home fires can cause fire, smoke, and water damage.

A man with a bucket catches water falling from ceiling of his house while he calls for emergency restoration services.
A kitchen on fire, just before it is in need of emergency restoration services.

What should I do after a disaster impacts my property?

First, don’t panic. Any type of disaster is stressful, and sometimes that stress makes it difficult to think about what you should do. 

Safety should be at the front of your mind with every choice you make. Don’t enter your property if it is unsafe to do so, and always call 9-1-1 if anyone is hurt or in danger. 

If possible, switch off your power at the circuit breaker. Water can cause many electrical malfunctions and issues. But only cut the power if it is safe. For example, don’t wade across a flooded basement to reach your circuit breaker. 

Make sure to call Pure Restore immediately. The sooner we arrive on your property, the sooner we can begin the emergency restoration process. If you wait, more damage will accrue.

What types of emergency restoration services do you provide?

At Pure Restore, we specialize in three types of emergency restoration:

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur from broken pipes or flooding. No matter the cause, the water intrusion damages your walls and floors. Our local technicians arrive with the latest technology, including moisture sensors and hygrometers. Our advanced water extraction equipment will have your property dry faster than the competition. 

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration

Floods are always unexpected. And when one hits, it’s devastating. Fortunately, all is not lost after a flood. Pure Restore can be at your property quickly after a flood to begin the clean-up and restoration process. We extract the water and also clean up mud and debris. We understand that floods are stressful, and that is why our local technicians are caring and understanding while providing services. 

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration

Even if a fire only strikes a single room on your property, it impacts all parts of it. While fire and heat damage is significant, smoke and ash damage is just as impactful. Water damage is also common after a fire because of the liquids the fire department uses to extinguish it. Our local technicians have the skill to restore every aspect of fire damage. 

How does mold remediation with dry fog work?

Mold removal with dry fog involves two types of dry fog, both of which are EPA-registered.

First is the fog that eliminates the existing mold. The vapors penetrate everything to destroy the mold at its source. The particles are so tiny that they can stay suspended in the air longer than both ozone and wet fog.

Next, our technicians pump in another type of dry fog that creates an anti-microbial barrier to keep mold from returning for at least 90 days. It also sanitizes your property, protecting your family from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The dry fog system in use in a crawl space during emergency restoration services at a home.
A red toy house in a puddle of water, a representation of a home emergency.

What types of properties do you offer emergency restoration services?

At Pure Restore, we restore all types of properties, both residential and commercial. Here are some examples of properties where we’ve recently performed emergency restoration: condos, apartment buildings, hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, retail stores, schools, churches, and townhomes.

No matter the type of property, our local emergency restoration technicians can fix the issue and make your dwelling look like a disaster never happened. We service properties of all sizes, from studio apartments to large warehouses.

What is the emergency restoration process?

Pure Restore takes pride in answering emergencies every day of the week. It doesn’t matter if it is the middle of the night or on a holiday, our expert staff is available to assist with your emergency restoration needs. 

After assessing the situation, we create a personalized restoration plan. The plan is determined by which type of restoration you need. 

Our team has the experience to restore any room, including walls, floors, ceilings, carpet, rugs, furniture, and much more. 

One of the most frustrating issues after a disaster is dealing with the insurance companies. Fortunately, Pure Restore offers assistance in contacting your insurance company and expediting the process. We will provide pictures and detailed notes for your insurance company. 

Dry Fog

If you’ve experienced a flood or water restoration emergency, we suggest dry fog mold remediation at the end of the process. That is because dry fog technology eliminates any mold that might have grown due to water intrusion, and it keeps it from returning. 

Because dry fog particles are so tiny, they reach every crack and crevice of your property with little to no demolition. It speeds up the disaster restoration process, which saves you money and time. 

Unlike other emergency restoration companies, we never use wet fog or ozone. Those mold remediation techniques can be dangerous to use around your family and pets. Dry fog is completely safe for your family, and it doesn’t get anything on your property wet. 

Ready to Learn More?

At Pure Restore, we specialize in emergency water damage restoration, emergency flood damage restoration, and emergency fire damage restoration. If you recently experienced a disaster at your home or business, call our office today. You can also contact our team using this website. We serve communities in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

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