Fire & Smoke Restoration

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Did you know there is a fire in the United States every minute? After a fire damages your property, you need professional help. Heat and smoke damage permeates everything, and in the aftermath, you will be stressed and feel vulnerable beyond measure. Fortunately, Pure Restore provides the best fire and smoke restoration services in Washington and northern Idaho. If you’ve recently experienced a fire and don’t know where to turn, call our office today or fill out the form on our website. 

Fire and Smoke Restoration Process

Fire causes significant damage. Even if the flames didn’t touch every room, the smoke will have permeated the entire property. Burned property, like plastics, synthetics, fabrics, or chemicals, can also be a hazard to your health.

Essentially, fire and smoke restoration eliminates the traces of fire and smoke damage to make your property look like new. We also ensure that any toxic materials or fumes are totally eliminated. At Pure Restore, our smoke and fire restoration company services all types of properties, including: single-family homes, apartments, condos, businesses, schools, churches, and hospitals.

After fire and smoke damage your property, we can restore it. Sometimes sprinkler systems deploy during a fire and cause water damage. If that is the case, Pure Restore also provides water restoration services.

The process begins as soon as our local technicians arrive at your property. The exact process depends on the severity of the fire and how much time has passed. Here are the steps:

Survey the property

First, our technicians walk your property to examine the extent of the damage. 

Mitigating the damage

Next, we take steps to mitigate further damage. That could involve tarping the roof or boarding exposed windows.

Eliminating smoke

We use the latest technology to remove smoke and soot from your walls, ceilings, and floors. We also deodorize your entire property. 

Water restoration and cleanup

Water and chemicals are used to put out a fire. That means your property will also have sustained water damage. Pure Restore is the inland Northwest’s leader in water restoration, so our team performs this service at the same time as the fire and smoke restoration.

Structural evaluation

Unfortunately, fires can cause structural damage. We inspect your property to let you know what portions of the foundation, walls, floors, or roof needs to be replaced.

To learn more about our fire and smoke restoration process, call our office today.

Why choose Pure Restore for your fire and smoke restoration needs?

We are the region’s experts in fire and smoke restoration. Our pillars of excellence include exceptional training and personalized customer service. We can be at your property sooner than the competition, and we only hire the most experienced technicians in the region.

What should you do after a fire?

A fire of any size is stressful. Whenever there is a fire, leave the property immediately and call 9-1-1. Never enter a building until firefighters and first responders say it is okay. If it was a significant fire, you might not be allowed to enter the building at all due to structural damage. 

Find alternative living quarters

Even if the fire and smoke damage was minor, you can’t stay in your home until the restoration process is completed. That is because the fumes and residual smoke is unhealthy for your family and pets. Arrange to stay with family or friends, or you might need to book a stay at a local hotel for a few days. 

Open windows

Opening all of the windows on your property begins the airing-out process. 

Call Pure Restore

You need to call our team as soon as possible, ideally within the first 24-48 hours. We are the inland Northwest’s best fire and smoke restoration company and can have your property looking like new in no time.

Are fire and smoke damage covered by homeowners insurance?

Generally, most homeowners insurance policies cover fire and smoke damage, but they require taking steps to mitigate further damages. That’s where Pure Restore comes in. We will help tarp areas of your property exposed to the elements and board any broken windows. We will also ensure that the power is off.

You’ll also have to provide an inventory of everything that was lost. As we inspect your home, our technicians will help you create that list. You’ll also have to provide photographs to the insurance adjuster — don’t worry; we’ll help you with those, too!

Does smoke damage last forever?

Smoke damage is permanent unless it is treated quickly. Even if you don’t smell smoke, there is damage lurking behind the walls. Soot is acidic and it quickly enhances the deterioration.

Making matters worse, water and chemicals are mixed to put out the fire. Fortunately, we can be at your property within hours to begin the fire and smoke restoration process.

Ready to Learn More?

Have you recently experienced a fire and don’t know where to turn? Call Pure Restore today. We are the leading fire and smoke restoration company in the inland Northwest. Learn more about our services by exploring our website.