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Nothing is more frustrating than water damage on your property. The causes of water damage are nearly limitless, ranging from burst pipes to defective appliances. Moreover, because Cheney, Washington, is located along Minnie Creek, properties in the southeast neighborhoods are vulnerable to floods.

When the worst-case scenario occurs and flooding ruins your property, remain calm. Contact Pure Restore — the premier water restoration company in Cheney. Call our team by phone or use this website to request a consultation.

What occurs when you reach out to our water restoration company in Cheney?

When you contact Pure Restore for water restoration in Cheney, you are our primary focus. We are ready 24/7 to assist with water damage issues, including on holidays and weekends. Even if it appears that water has inundated your property, our staff can restore your house or business.

Call our local technicians

Communicating with our committed staff is the initial stage in the water restoration procedure. We’ll ask you to describe what transpired and provide you with helpful advice until our local team can arrive.

Water damage assessment

Our team takes pleasure in being punctual. After performing a full inspection, we devise a plan for water restoration.

Water extraction

Water extraction is an essential step of the water restoration process in Cheney. Pure Restore removes standing water and aids the drying process using high-powered pumps and transportable extraction equipment.

Remove damaged belongings

Water can cause irreparable damage to personal belongings or inventory. When this occurs, our crew assists you in removing the objects and, if desired, discarding them.

Sanitizing and removing odors

Water restoration in Cheney provided by Pure Restore includes odor removal and sanitizing treatments. After the water has been removed, our crew uses dry fog technology to disinfect and deodorize your entire property. Dry fog also prevents mold growth.

Advanced drying techniques

After water restoration, the drying process can be deceptive. Just because everything appears dry, that doesn’t guarantee it is. Fortunately, Pure Restore provides innovative drying procedures and cutting-edge technology to speed up the process. 

Final check-in

One of Pure Restore’s fundamental values is exceptional customer service. Our water restoration company in Cheney provides a final consultation to guarantee you are entirely happy with our work.

Water leaking through the ceiling of a house causing water damage.

Why should you hire Pure Restore for water restoration in Cheney?

We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to perform superior water restoration in Cheney. Even the best equipment, however, is only as good as the technicians who use it. That is why our crew is continuously trained and educated.

Pure Restore distinguishes itself from the competitors by assuring your satisfaction. In fact, we won’t leave your premises until you’re completely satisfied with our services. We have never encountered a water damage issue that we could not repair.

If water damage happens on your property, do not go it alone. It’s time to bring in the experts. Pure Restore is the leading water restoration company in Cheney, offering emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call our office or contact us online today to schedule your consultation.

Is flooding common in the Cheney, WA, area?

While properties built in Cheney, Washington, have less flood risk compared to other areas in the Greater Spokane region, flash floods still occur after heavy rainfall. Increased rainfall is becoming more common due to changing atmospheric conditions and general atmospheric warming. That means flooding could become an increased issue over the next decade. 

That said, property damage due to water damage often happens for reasons other than mother nature, and it usually occurs suddenly or without warning. Whether caused by burst pipes or faulty appliances, flooding can happen within minutes. When water damage strikes your property, don’t attempt to save your possessions. It’s not worth endangering yourself or your family by trying to save material items.

Other typical sources of water damage include wastewater backups and appliance malfunctions, as well as:

  • Stormwater overflow
  • Leaking rooftop
  • Frozen pipes
  • Overflowing shower or bathtub

To summarize, your property is susceptible to water damage no matter where you live. Call Pure Restore for water restoration in Cheney as soon as water damage occurs.

Closeup view of leaked and splash water from the plastic pipe during the rainy day, causing water damage.

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At Pure Restore, we specialize in emergency water damage restoration, emergency flood damage restoration, and emergency fire damage restoration in Cheney, Washington. If you recently experienced a disaster at your home or business, call us today or contact our team using this website. We serve communities in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.