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There is nothing more stressful than when water damage ruins your property. And in Liberty Lake, Washington, it’s a common occurrence. From ruptured pipes to faulty appliances, the reasons for water damage are almost endless. Furthermore, the lake and river the city is built between puts properties at an elevated flood risk.

But if the worst happens and water damages your property, don’t panic. Call Pure Restore, the leading water restoration company in Liberty Lake. Contact our team today by phone or reach out for a consultation using this website.

What happens when you contact our water restoration company in Liberty Lake

When you call Pure Restore for water restoration in Liberty Lake, you become our number one priority. We are available to assist during water damage emergencies any time of day — including weekends and holidays. Even if it seems like water ruined your entire property, our team can handle the job and restore your home or business. 

Contact our Liberty Lake, WA, technicians

Speaking with our dedicated staff is the first step of the water restoration process. We’ll ask you to explain what happened and offer tips to help until our technicians arrive at your property. 

Water damage inspection

We take pride in being prompt. After a walk-through and thorough inspection, we create a water restoration strategy. 

Water removal 

The water removal process is a crucial part of water restoration in Liberty Lake. Pure Restore utilizes high-powered pumps and mobile extraction systems to remove standing water and aid the drying process. 

Removal of damaged objects

Sometimes water damages belongings beyond repair. When that happens, our team helps remove those objects and discard them if you choose. 

Odor elimination and sanitizing 

When you choose Pure Restore, water restoration in Liberty Lake includes odor elimination and sanitizing services. After the water has been extracted, our team uses dry fog technology to sanitize your entire property and eliminate odors. The dry fog service also keeps mold from taking hold. 

Advanced drying

Drying can be deceiving. After water restoration in Liberty Lake, just because everything looks dry, that doesn’t mean it is. That’s why Pure Restore offers advanced drying techniques with the latest equipment. Drying times vary based on the size of your home or business. 

Final consultation

Exceptional customer service is one of Pure Restore’s core values. Our water restoration company in Liberty Lake offers a final consultation to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services.

Water leaking through the ceiling of a house causing water damage.

Why you should choose Pure Restore for water damage restoration in Liberty Lake, WA

We provide exceptional water restoration in Liberty Lake by utilizing the most advanced technology and equipment. But even the best equipment is only as good as the technicians using it. That’s why our team participates in ongoing training and education. 

Pure Restore stands above the competition by guaranteeing your satisfaction. In fact, we don’t leave your property until we know you are happy with our work. Our team has never met a water damage situation we couldn’t fix. 

Your property in Liberty Lake is at risk of water damage. If it happens to you, don’t go it alone. It’s time to call the professionals. Pure Restore is the premier water restoration company in Liberty Lake and provides emergency services 24/7. To schedule your consultation, call our office today or reach out to our team online.  

Is my property at risk of flooding or water damage in Liberty Lake?

Liberty Lake is located between the lake it is named after and the banks of the Spokane River, making the area susceptible to flooding. In fact, the city has a high risk of significant and damaging flooding in the next 30 years. 

Remember, water damage happens quickly and with little warning. It doesn’t matter if the cause is ruptured pipes or flash flooding; it occurs within minutes. Often, people try to save their belongings during these emergencies, but that is never a good idea. Don’t put yourself or your family in danger by trying to save material possessions. 

Other common causes of water damage include sewage backups and malfunctioning appliances, along with:

  • Stormwater runoff
  • Leaking roof
  • Frozen pipes
  • Overflowing bathtub or shower

In conclusion, your property is at risk of flooding and water damage. If water damage strikes, call Pure Restore for water restoration in Liberty Lake.

Closeup view of leaked and splash water from the plastic pipe during the rainy day, causing water damage.

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At Pure Restore, we specialize in emergency water damage restoration, emergency flood damage restoration, and emergency fire damage restoration in Liberty Lake, Washington. If you recently experienced a disaster at your home or business, call us today or contact our team using this website. We serve communities in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.