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Mead, Washington, is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and is located close to various waterways like the Little Spokane River and the many creeks that traverse the region. Although these bodies of water contribute to the area’s picturesque appeal, they also pose potential flood risks for properties located nearby.  Should you face water damage or flooding in your property, whether from nearby waterways, broken pipes, or malfunctioning appliances, keep calm and turn to Pure Restore — the leading water damage company in Mead. Reach out to our skilled team by phone or via this website to arrange a consultation, and let us assist you in restoring your property and reclaiming your peace of mind.

What can you expect when you contact our water damage company in Mead?

The moment you connect with Pure Restore for water restoration in Mead, you are our top concern. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 and even on weekends and holidays to treat any water damage issues. Regardless of the extent of the damage, our experienced specialists are capable of returning your home or business to its pre-damaged state.

Contact our knowledgeable professionals

Reaching out to our committed team is the first step of the water restoration process. We’ll ask for information regarding the circumstances and provide helpful advice as you wait for the arrival of our local experts.

Determining the scope of water damage

Our water damage company in Mead takes pride in our timely approach. After conducting a thorough evaluation, we create a customized water restoration plan just for you.

Water extraction & removal

Extracting water is an essential aspect of the water restoration process. Pure Restore removes standing water and accelerates drying using high-powered pumps and mobile extraction equipment.

Getting rid of damaged possessions

Water can inflict substantial damage on personal belongings or commercial inventory. When that occurs, our staff is available to assist in removing the damaged items and, when required, handling their disposal.

Disinfecting and removing unpleasant odors

Water restoration in Mead provided by Pure Restore includes odor removal and sanitization treatments. After water removal, our team uses dry fog technology to effectively purify and deodorize your property. Moreover, dry fog keeps mold from returning. 

Advanced drying techniques

Upon finishing the water restoration, the drying phase begins. Although surfaces may look dry, they might not be completely devoid of moisture. Fortunately, Pure Restore provides advanced drying methods and innovative technology to efficiently speed up the process.

Final inspection and follow-up

At Pure Restore, exceptional customer service is one of our core values. Our water damage company in Mead provides a final assessment to guarantee you’re satisfied with the outcome of our work.

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What makes Pure Restore the best solution for water damage restoration in Mead, WA?

Pure Restore utilizes cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide water restoration in Mead. We understand that the most advanced tools are only as efficient as the experts using them. As a result, we ensure our team undergoes continuous training and education to remain knowledgeable in the latest industry standards and best practices.

Pure Restore distinguishes itself as the top water damage company in Mead because of our dedication to ensuring your satisfaction. In fact, we won’t leave your premises until you are fully content with the results of our efforts. To date, we have not encountered a water damage situation that we were unable to rectify.

If water damage occurs on your property, refrain from attempting to resolve the issue on your own. Instead, seek the expertise of seasoned professionals. Pure Restore is the top water damage company in Mead, offering 24/7 emergency assistance. Reach out to our office by phone or get in touch with us online to schedule your consultation today.

Is flooding a common occurrence in Mead, Washington?

Flooding in Mead, Washington, is not a widespread issue. That said, floods do occur. The Little Spokane River and numerous creeks throughout the region pose some potential flood risks, particularly for properties built close to these waterways. However, the overall frequency of floods in Mead is relatively low. Nevertheless, it is always smart for residents to be aware of the possible risks and take appropriate preventive measures to safeguard their properties.

Water damage can arise from sources other than flooding. For instance, burst pipes may cause significant water damage. Likewise, malfunctioning appliances, like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, can cause leaks that gradually culminate in substantial property damage.

Moreover, roof leaks, blocked gutters, and inadequate grading surrounding a property’s foundation can result in water infiltration and damage. As a result, homeowners and business owners need to schedule routine inspections and upkeep on their properties to reduce the likelihood of water damage.

In short, your Mead property is susceptible to water damage. So, if you ever face any water-related problems, don’t hesitate to contact Pure Restore promptly for professional water restoration in Mead.

Rusty burst pipe squirting water at high pressure causing water damage.

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At Pure Restore, we specialize in emergency water damage restoration, emergency flood damage restoration, and emergency fire damage restoration in Mead, Washington. If you recently experienced a disaster at your home or business, call us today or contact our team using this website. We serve communities in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.