Water and Flood Restoration

Our innovative dry fog technology is 20-30% less expensive than traditional restoration services.
We are a proud local team dedicated to putting our community first.
Our innovative technologies & services are patented, allowing us to complete the job 2x faster than the competition.
Swift and reliable emergency restoration services backed by highly-rated customer reviews.

Who We Are

Water damage can ruin your property and belongings. It can also cause structural damage to your home or business. And to complicate the issue, the moisture quickly becomes an environment that promotes mold growth. Pure Restore is the leading water and flood restoration company in Washington and northern Idaho. Our local flood restoration team assists businesses and homeowners recover from devastating water damage quickly. We offer flood emergency services, so call our office today or use our website to learn more. 

What is your water damage restoration process?

Our team is with you every step of the way during the water damage restoration process. We even offer a round-the-clock emergency response team. Our technicians can restore any water damage, no matter the size or severity. 

Contact our team

First, you will speak with our skilled customer service team. We will help you assess the situation and recommend the steps you need to take until our technicians arrive on your property. 

Property inspection

When our technicians arrive on your property, we quickly assess the situation. We explain our thoughts to you in detail and begin preparing the area for the flood restoration process.

Water removal

The process begins by extracting the water. That keeps it from spreading and reduces the drying time. Our team uses high-powered pumps and mobile extraction units and tanks.

Damaged property removal

Sometimes objects are so damaged that they can’t be restored and need to be removed. We try to save everything, but sometimes, certain belongings are beyond restoration. Before we remove anything, we make sure to communicate with you. 

Deodorizing & sanitizing

After the water is removed, it’s time for our team to clean, deodorize, and sanitize. Water damage is messy, and there is plenty of dirt, mud, and debris to clean up. To limit your stress, Pure Restore uses a variety of methods, including dry fog technology, to ensure your property is spotless, smells great, and is mold-free.

Continued drying

Even if everything seems dry to the touch, there is still moisture lurking in crevices and places you can’t see. We use the most advanced drying equipment to target any leftover water and moisture. The drying time is determined by the severity of the initial water damage. 

Repairs & check-ins

When a water emergency hits, it can damage your home or business. Our water restoration team can help make repairs. When we are finished, we will inspect your property over the next weeks to make sure the water restoration went as planned and that you are 100% satisfied.

Why should I choose water restoration services from Pure Restore?

Pure Restore is a full-service restoration company. We hire the top local technicians and have the latest and most technologically advanced equipment, including moisture sensors and hygrometers. Our team won’t stop until the job is complete, and we’ll get the job done faster than our competitors. 

Our team goes through extensive training so we are always up-to-date with the latest equipment and water restoration methods. In fact, we haven’t come across a water damage situation that we couldn’t rectify.

What should I do after a water damage emergency?

First, make sure everyone is safe. Water emergencies are usually unexpected, so ensure your family is not in danger. Then, to minimize the damage, you must act quickly. Call Pure Restore immediately, and our local technicians can be at your property within a few hours. 

While waiting for our team to arrive, take these steps (only if it is safe). Remember, never enter a room that has been impacted by water damage unless the circuit breaker has been switched off:

  • Turn off the water supply to your home or business
  • If possible, remove the excess water with a broom or mop
  • Remove wet cushions or upholstery 
  • Place foil on the legs of furniture to protect it from standing water 
  • Remove any portable electronics, art, or photographs
  • Move clothes and shoes to a room that is free of water damage

Don’t enter any room where the ceiling is sagging. That is a sign of a structural issue, and there is a risk of collapse. Don’t stress if you can’t take any of the above steps. Our Pure Restore team will assist you as soon as we arrive.

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover water damage and restoration costs?

We understand that water damage is stressful. The last thing you want to deal with is the hassles involving your insurance company. Fortunately, we have relationships with most major insurance companies.  

Our water restoration technicians keep detailed records all the damages and even help you submit the necessary paperwork to your insurance company. 

Coverage depends on your insurance provider and the terms of your coverage. Pure Restore recommends speaking with your insurance provider before water damage strikes so there are no financial surprises in the future.

What are some common causes of water damage?

Water damage happens for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Flooding
  • Storm run-off
  • Drainage issues
  • Backed up pipes
  • Broken or frozen pipes
  • Overflowing bathtub
  • Leaking roof 

Don’t wait to seek help after water damage. Waiting will ruin your floors or warp your walls.

Ready to Learn More?

Pure Restore has earned its reputation as a top flood restoration company in Washington and Northern Idaho. You need to act fast when water damage occurs, so call us immediately. We offer emergency water damage restoration and the best customer service in the area. Call our team today or reach out for assistance online using this website.

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