Signs of water damage in the ceiling of a house.

What to Do If You Experience Water Damage On Your Property

Water damage is a stressful situation that nobody wants to deal with. Unfortunately, it is an all-too-common issue. That’s why our team at Pure Restore, located in Spokane, Washington, wrote this article. We want you to be prepared if you ever have to deal with a water damage emergency. Keep reading to learn the steps you need to take. 

Locate the Source of the Water Damage

When it comes to water damage, prompt action is essential. There are many ways damage occurs, but the most common include:

  • Floods
  • Broken pipes
  • Damaged hot water tank
  • Malfunctioning appliances 
  • Construction defects
  • Extensive humidity

These are just some of the ways a water emergency can begin. Remember, even seemingly small leaks can cause extensive damage, so you must take action immediately. Never wait; water damage emergencies worsen quickly.

Not only does the water soak your property, but it creates an environment for secondary mold and mildew growth. 

Once you find the source of the water damage, take pictures. Those will be essential during the insurance process later on. 

Sometimes, you won’t be able to find the source of the damage. That’s fine. Just call our Pure Restore team immediately for assistance. 


If you are a renter or part of a homeowners association, you must notify the responsible parties as soon as you notice water damage. If the issue ever goes to litigation, you need to prove that you didn’t wait or let the situation worsen.

Keep a record of any written or digital correspondence. Take screenshots and have backups of everything. Good record keeping will be your best friend if litigation begins.

Contact Your Insurance

If you own the property, call your insurance company right away to start the claims process. Take as many photos of the damage as possible. While speaking with an agent, you need to be as detailed as possible. Maintain excellent notes and call logs. 

Call the Water Damage Repair Experts 

Remediation is essential after a water emergency. Call our water damage repair company in Spokane, Washington immediately. Pure Restore technicians have years of experience, so you can rest easy knowing your property is in good hands. 

As soon as you call our office, our friendly staff will help you assess the situation, and we might suggest some tips and tricks to assist you until we arrive. 

When our team arrives at your home or business, we will perform a quick inspection. We will explain the situation to you and prepare for the water remediation process. 

Next, we begin to extract the water. We utilize the latest high-tech equipment to keep the water damage from spreading and improve drying times. 

We do our best, but not everything after a water damage emergency can be saved. If some of your belongings are beyond saving, our team will help you remove them. We provide excellent communication throughout the process and will never remove something without your approval. 

We end the process by sanitizing and deodorizing your property. Floods and other water damage emergencies are often caused by water that is dirty or harbors germs. Therefore, deodorizing and sanitation keep foul smells from developing and also keep your family and pets safe from dangerous bacteria and viruses. Once this step is completed, we set up fans throughout your property to ensure everything is completely dry so mold can’t get a chance to set in. The length of this final drying time depends on the severity of the initial damage. 

Did you recently experience a flood or broken pipe that has soaked your home or business? Call Pure Restore, Spokane’s premier water damage repair company. You can also reach out to our team regarding a consultation by using this website.

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